One-of-a-kind: Washington’s Birthday Celebration


Find a Quality Laredo Texas Hotel

The biggest celebration of George Washington is held in a state that was not even part of the Union while he was alive. Laredo, Texas hosts the annual celebration in February. The event lasts nearly the whole month and attracts approximately 400,000 attendees annually. Highlights of the event include two parades, a carnival, an air show, fireworks, live concerts, and the selection of Mr. South Texas (which can be a man or a woman).

A History Buff’s Dream

True patriots of the United States are excited to attend this popular event, which opens in mid-January. You can be part of their ranks, and visit Laredo to celebrate. At Mall Del Norte, we provide a comfortable, affordable place to stay downtown, chock-full of amenities. Book a room today and we will see you in the New Year!

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The City of Laredo, Texas

Laredo Hotels

On the historic Rio Grande River in Texas at almost the most southern point, lies the city of Laredo. Designated as a villa, and named after a town in Santander, Spain, Laredo is the principal port of entry into Mexico from the United States. It connects the IH-35 with the Pan American Highway that stretches into Central and South America. It also boasts a great crime rate, posting a 16.1% decrease in crime from 2009 to 2010.

Booking an Extended Stay in Laredo, Texas

Easily one of the most interesting things about this culturally rich city is its distinction of flag flying. No less than 7 flags have flown here, including France, Spain, Mexico, Republic of the Rio Grande, Texas, Confederacy, and of course the United States of America. So come and explore Laredo, and sleep comfortably each night at the Mall Del Norte.

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What sets Mall del Norte Hotel Apart

The Laredo Texas Hotel experience

The state of Texas is big, just in case you’ve forgotten. In our vast realm of space we have some fantastic hotels and places to stay. So what sets Mall del Norte Hotel apart? Cost, proximity to a great mall, and sensational amenities. We begin with the cost: For less than $90 per night, you get a great place to sleep, complete with internet access, sitting area, cable television, and coffeemaker.

Hotels in Laredo

The AmerikSuites Laredo is located just behind the shopping center, Mall Del Norte. The mall contains all the best names in brand name shopping, from Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s, to Bath and Body Works and Sephora. Finally, the amenities: an outdoor pool, a muscle-relaxing hot tub, a 40-foot wide pool waterfall, and great opportunities to host a meeting or conference. For visitors to Laredo, the choice is obvious: Mall del Norte Hotel

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Three Things to Look For In A Hotel

Things to Look for in a Hotel

When you are planning a vacation with friends, family or your significant other the most important detail of the entire trip is deciding where you are going to stay. Price is usually the primary factor, but you want a hotel that is going to fit your needs. Here are three things to consider before booking a hotel room.


Location is key; you choose your location before you consider the surrounding hotels. Make sure the hotel is conveniently close to the places you plan to visit, sightsee and explore.

On-site Facilities

This really depends on what type of trip you are taking; if you’re taking a business trip, you may have time off during the day. A hotel that offers a spa, gym and restaurant will give you a chance to enjoy your free time.

Star Ratings & Reviews

Always look at the comments of the hotel you are considering. You will find the most honest reviews online from other people who have stood there. Real customers will let you know what to expect.

Are you planning a trip to Laredo, TX and are looking at hotels? There is only one place to stay that has wonderful on-site facilities, is pet friendly and located right behind the Del Norte Mall, Amerik Suites! Click here to book your next trip.

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Laredo and Fredericksburg Hotels

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaExperience Matters

There will always be hotels. There will always be too many to choose from. How do you separate the quality ones from the lackluster? Experience – for many, years in the industry are often the x-factor when deciding on a hotel.

Here’s why;


Seasoned hotels anticipate their guest’s wants and needs very quickly. Years of service have allowed them to identify what will follow a certain gesture or phrase.

Cooler Heads

Hotels that have been in the game understand that not everyone is going to be happy. In fact, some guests get downright angry. Knowing this, they approach situations with a positive attitude, often calming upset visitors.

The little things

They have great memories. Remembering frequent visitors by name, when they like to be woken up, their kid’s name, and other quirks that make a guest’s stay special.

The Texas Hill Country Hotels have major experience. We have over 20 years of experience and will use that knowledge to enhance your vacation to the max.

Visit our website and see when you can come and visit, we’d love to have you and your family!

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3 Adventurous Family Activities in Laredo, Texas


  1. TAMIU Planetarium: The planetarium is a fun educational experience for kids and adults of all ages. It’s hard not to leave without a new fun fact to share with the world. This planetarium also has animated shows for the kids to enjoy.
  2. Lamar Burni Vergara Environmental Science Center: This Laredo Community College attraction offers a look inside the local ecosystem with live specimens. A visit here could be complimented with one of Laredo’s local nature hikes.
  3. The Imaginarium of South Texas: Located in the Mall del Norte, this place has endless hands on learning opportunities, spanning several core educational areas, for the kids to enjoy.

Planning a trip to Laredo to take advantage of its many attractions? AmeriK Suites is has all the amenities you would expect from a top notch hotel, and it is conveniently locate to many of Laredo’s attractions.


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3 Ways to Spend Your Weekend


  1. Pool: Weekends are for relaxation. Spend a nice weekend afternoon lounging in the swimming pool to blow off some steam.
  2. Golf: Do you want to enjoy the sunshine this weekend? Grab your clubs and head over to the local golf course to take out some of the past week’s frustrations in a healthy way.
  3. The Mall: The weekend is a great time to catch up on any leftover errands or necessary shopping. Head to the mall for weekend deals and added savings.

Would you like to go to the mall this weekend? Mall del Norte offers quality shops and restaurants to help you find all the best weekend deals.


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